About me and MCP

montage LG

In 1998 I was invited to exhibit work in my first juried exhibition. The montage above shows a fraction of what’s emerged since then.

I’ve always loved books. There’s a vivid memory lodged in my brain of the first book I ever made. It was a story about Joe Namath facing off with Roman Gabriel – Jets vs. the Rams, if that tells you how long ago THAT was. That feeling of power – of being able to create my own story and have it enshrined in laminated pages held together with a comb binding – has never left me. It’s crazy to have things that I’ve created out in the world and in the hands of students, collectors and the general public. Each time I get an email from someone asking permission to use one of my books for a college assignment, it evokes both pride and humility. Being part of the creative community is a great privilege, and one that I hope to continue to earn as my rampant curiosity and artistic/fine craft skills collide.

I publish my artist’s books and bindings under the Mission Creek Press imprint, and my toss-off, fun work under the Desultory Press imprint. If you’re interested in a peek at the invitations and custom guest books that I created in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, check out the Wayback Machine for the old Mission Creek Press site. 

Head to the Blog section (currently the Home page) of the site for tutorials and tidbits. Learn more by watching OPB’s Oregon Art Beat, checking out the Spring 2008 issue of The Bonefolder, or search for my name in the podcast list HERE. 

For current info, videos, and social media posts, connect through my LinkTree.

Thanks for being here.

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