Books and Treats for Sale

Hand-Printed Sunflower Heart Card (Kraft)

Relief print with touch of pochoir color. Free shipping to continental U.S.


Hand-Printed Sunflower Heart Card (White)

Relief print with a touch of pochoir color. Free shipping to continental U.S.


Relative Memory IV, Miniature Edition of 10 copies, 2019

Relative Memory’ is a series within a body of of books and sculptural works that revolve around a tin of photographs of my mother that my dad gave me when I was a kid. I was five months old when she took her life on Oct. 26, 1962, just one day before the world exhaled a collective sign of relief that nuclear war with the Soviet Union had been averted. My older sisters were instructed not to speak of her again, so I grew up with only the photographs, which I became obsessed with as a teenager.

The thin sheets of glass that form this work became a perfect vehicle for exploring the idea of being at once absent and omnipresent. The image for this variation is one of my favorite shots–showing a carefree smile and a gardening blouse that my oldest sister recognized right away. The book, for all intents and purposes, is blank. Each page is an empty sheet of glass. But the image, embedded in the spine, travels through the depth of each page, appearing on the fore edge, whole when the book is closed, fractured when it is opened.

Presented in custom box (Base with removable top) within a paper sleeve.
Box dimensions 2.85″ x 2.4″ x 2.5”
Email for availability info.

Let’s Make a Book!

Learning something with a pal makes things much more fun.  This mini kit includes materials for two miniature books and one instruction booklet with relief-printed cover, all tucked into a reclaimed vintage cassette tape case. Not just a simple case – this is a sewn-board binding, a structure every bookbinder should know. Finished books are 2 1/4″ (h) x 2″ wide.  This is a signed, numbered, limited edition of 33 copies. $30 + $7 shipping.

collection2 .   collectionedition .   finished books

Let’s Make a Book!

Contains materials for two mini books and one instruction booklet. Finished books fit back into the plastic case.



Relief-printed bookmark

Save your place in style. Available in orange or blue. $2 + $.50 shipping.


Bookmark (Orange)

Hand-printed from relief plate.


Bookmark (Blue)

Hand-printed from relief plate



Blank Journals

Each blank journal is a one-of-a-kind design, featuring reclaimed book cloth and vintage photos. Sewn in a sewn-board binding, pages are a nice text-weight sheet, suitable for sketching or writing. Spine is inset with a small message. $30 each + $$7.50 USPS shipping.

I’ll Never Tell (SOLD)

Unreliable Narrator (Sold)

‘Tis the Season (2018)

Tis the Season

Take a quick peek inside:

Redemption (2018) was created in an edition of 7 copies and is presented in a clamshell box. The prose on the back looks at the definition of redemption and our complicated relationship with being stewards of the environment. Vintage trading stamps were adhered to Kitakata paper with wheat paste, then collaged into a multi-panel composition. Prose is silkscreened onto the BFK Rives accordion. Box measures 6 7/8 (h) x 4 1/4 (w) by 1 1/4 (d) inches. Read more about this piece HERE. Email for availability info.


The Kindness of Strangers (2018) was bound and printed in an edition of three copies. Relief prints on infinity-folded and pamphlet-stitched Rives Heavyweight panels with colored pencil in a clamshell box that measures 3 1/2 x 6 5/8 x 1 1/4 inches. (View construction details here.) SOLD OUT



Yay, a new edition! Origins (2018) was printed and bound in a edition of 7 copies, five in black/white Duo bookcloth and two in red/blue Duo bookcloth. Pressure prints from collagraph plate with vintage carbon paper, porchoir, and silk screen. View more HERE.
Original text by the artist.  $400

Origins 8
Origins 6